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The creators of Jandie Jams!

Some kids enjoy math, some hate it, but almost every child loves to sing. Now there’s a way to combine the two and help kids find the fun in math!

Jandie Jams Music, started by Julie Scott and Sandy Sartor in Boulder Colorado, is introducing its educational music aimed at children aged 4 to 9 in an online format for the first time.

The two titles available, “Listen In Addition” and “Multiplication Sensation”, are lively collections of songs that appeal to both children and parents.

Intrigued by the idea of learning styles, Scott and Sartor created a companion book to add to the fun and help kids that have a visual preference. To help math “stick” for kids who benefit from a combination of audio and visual elements, the music can be purchased on a CD packaged inside a companion book filled with lively, original artwork.

With a music education and an extensive vocal performance career, Scott wrote the music and lyrics and brought in local musicians to perform the songs. Scott also recruited some talented local vocal-performance students to participate.

Math and music naturally complement each other. Douglas H. Clements, a PhD and professor of mathematics and computer education stated in 2001 in Early Childhood Today magazine that mathematics and music go hand-in-hand. He stated, “Any kind of rhythm is setting children up to understand patterns, and mathematics is filled with all kinds of patterns.”

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